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Royal FlushYou must first understand the values of hands against a single opponent before you can evaluate the potential of your hand against the hand of a single opponent. For the ten player game you must compare your winning possibilities against the other nine opponent’s hands. For a complete ring game, the ranks of the starting hands vary from the corresponding list and there are a number of reasons for this. This guide references the various starting hands of a heads up poker game.


If 8 players in a complete ring game have folded, there is the chance of having aces as well as other high cards for the 2 remaining hands. But the fact is that, the folded 8 players have lessened their chances of holding those cards. In the heads-up poker it’s really not fact that you ranked your hand against a truly unplanned opponent’s hand.

If you observe the following table you will see that the pairs amplify in value compared with the rank of the starting hands within a heads-up game. In the heads-up game, you can deal with a pair just the once in each 17 deals and the opportunity for the both players is just about [17*17] or 289/1. In this game, any pair is very effective versus an un-paired hand while the hand going to collapse. Playing against a single player denotes that the high ranking pairs are extremely implausible.

Though the high card hands possess the worth in the heads-up poker, it will not come to use in the case of frequent showdowns by the opponents. A flush possibility will be an advantage in a complete ring game where the stronger hands are normally shown down.

At the lower end of the level 7-2 off suit is endorsed in the heads-up game. Its mainly shifts from the most inferior pre-collapse starting hand within a complete ring game towards the fifth most inferior within a heads-up game. Against a single opponent, lacking of successive chances is not really a shortcoming. 2-3 off suit is considered as the most inferior starting hand in the heads-up game.

Top 20 starting hands in a heads-up poker game:

  1. A-A
  2. K-K
  3. Q-Q
  4. J-J
  5. 10-10
  6. 9-9
  7. 8-8
  8. A-K (suited)
  9. 7-7
  10. A-Q (suited)
  11. A-J (suited)
  12. A-K (off suited)
  13. A-10 (suited)
  14. A-Q (off suited)
  15. A-J (off suited)
  16. K-Q (suited)
  17. 6-6
  18. A-9 (suited)
  19. A-10 (off suited)
  20. K-J (suited)

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